Computerized Headache Assessment Tool

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Computerized Headache Assessment Tool (CHAT-III)

Headache disorders are common and may be disabling. Many people with migraine headache have not been diagnosed. Less common headache types such as cluster headache may continue for years without proper diagnosis. New therapies are available for each of these conditions.

CHAT was developed by Morris Maizels, MD and Patient Tools, Inc to help people with headaches receive an accurate diagnosis. The assessment from CHAT is intended to be reviewed with medical personnel.

An earlier version, CHAT-I, was found to be accurate in diagnosing migraine, tension-type headache, medication overuse, and cluster headaches. CHAT-III was developed to be consistent with recent changes in headache diagnoses. Formal development and testing of CHAT-III are ongoing.

It takes most people about 10 minutes to complete the survey – longer for more complicated headache problems.

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